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2014 Admissions Spotlights

  • Yale U

    • Clara Olshansky
  • Brown U

    • Clara Olshansky
  • Carnegie Mellon

    • Deborah Lee
    • Grace Wong
    • Angelica Kim
  • Brown + RISD Dual

    • Libby Hays (+$37K Scholarship)
  • UC Berkeley

    • Angelica Kim
  • RISD

    • Donna Youn (+$35K Scholarship)
    • Daniel Cho (+$39K Scholarship)
    • Deborah Lee
    • Alyssa Colon
    • +9 More Admittees
  • Cooper Union

    • Alyssa Colon
  • U Chicago

    • Clara Olshansky
  • NYU

    • Ellie Choi
    • Cynthia Liu
    • Libby Hays (+22K Scholarship)
    • Grace Wong
    • Angelica Kim
    • +6 More Admittees

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